Valve Teck Tradition of Service and Commitment to Quality...

For Over 23 years, Valve Teck has been committed to meeting the flow control requirements for HVAC and industrial applications. Our modular product line of valves, actuators, and accessories offers the best system compatibility, product quality, and field service reliability to meet today’s demanding flow control needs. Valve Teck has achieved many years of field testing experience, which has allowed our valves and actuators to evolve through enhanced designs to achieve the best engineered solution for HVAC and industrial environments. Our commitment to innovative products allow Valve Teck to lead the industry with competitive application solutions and on-time deliveries.

Valve Teck control valves are backed by the highest level of customer support.
The inside sales team has over 50 years of combined experience in the valve industry to help solve your flow control requirements. Our technicians are highly skilled professionals that are dedicated to service after the sale. All control valves are mounted, tested, and calibrated before shipment to ensure each assembly complies with a strict quality control procedure.


Califlo - Calibrated Flow Orifices

The Califlo orifice is a flow control device that is used in conjunction with ball valves. The Califlo orifice reduces the maximum allowable inherent valve Cv, to better match the desired HVAC system Cv. The precise “calibrated” opening in the orifice consists of different sizes to allow for a multiple number of Cv’s per valve line size. The Califlo orifice has been tested to show a deep equal percentage flow curve for precise flow control in HVAC applications.

Patented 6,910,673



Electra - Electric Actuators

The Electra actuators can be found world wide in building automation and industrial applications. Electra actuators have a proven rugged design and are manufactured with the latest technology. The XT and XTS actuators are damper type actuators that are available in non-spring or spring return type for indoor applications. The Series 700 and 800 actuators are available in non-spring and failsafe design for outdoor applications. The Electra actuators contain reliable mechanical features for trouble free operation.



Notus - Pneumatic Actuators

The Notus pneumatic high pressure actuators consist of a rack and pinion design for high cycle operation. The actuators are available in either double acting or spring return models. The double acting design fails in place on loss of air. Double acting actuators need air to power the actuator 90°, air is than applied again to move back to the previous position. The spring return models fail in open or closed positions on loss of air. Spring return actuators need air to power the actuator 90°, the springs than allow the actuator to fail to the pre-determined fail position either open or closed.



ProValve - Valves and Accessories

The Pro Valve line of valves are engineered for flow control. The full line of valves are available in manual or automated control. Quality is designed into every valve, utilizing precision machined parts that insure years of dependable operation. The Pro Valve design guarantees leak proof operation though its advanced sealing system. Pro Valve is available in ball, butterfly, cast steel, check and globe valves in a variety of alloys to fit todays demanding applications. All valves are ANSI and WOG rated, for water, oil, gas, or steam applications.



Lux - Limit Switch

The APL Series limit switch box from Lux offers un-compromising standards of safety, reliability and value. Lux position indicators monitor the valve movement and are designed to operate on quarter turn pneumatic actuators. Each Lux limit switch offers local visual indication along with mechanical or proximity switches that are wired to the PLC for remote flow indication for acurate process control.

Pilot - Soleniod Valve

NAMUR pad mounted valves direct mount to the side of the actuator. O-rings extend from the solenoid body and compress against the actuator to make a leak free seal. LED indication shows power present at the coil. Manual override offers momentary and maintained manual positions as standard. Single coil or double coil type is available in general service or explosion proof enclosures.